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Vaporizer Accessories

All of the vaporizers we sell have accessories available to enhance their capabilities and make them more unique.  The one item that we consider to be a "must have" is an herb grinder.  For a very small additional investment, you will make your vaporization experience 100 times better. You NEED an herb grinder, otherwise you are going to be in the kitchen with a knife chopping things up for the rest of your days. Here are the vaporizer models we carry accessories for:

The original wooden sweetleaf herb grinder

Sweetleaf Grinders

The sweetleaf grinder has become the most recognized herb grinder on the market today; and, for good reason.  Sweetleaf grinders are precision made in Canada to exacting tolerances. This translates into smooth operation, time and time again. An  herb grinder is an essential vaporizer accessory, translation: MUST HAVE A GRINDER to go with your new vaporizer. This is not an upsell, just a us on this one. For more information go to sweetleaf grinders.

The original vapor brothers herb vaporizer

Vapor Brothers Accessories

Check out our complete line of Vapor Brothers vaporizer accessories to make your vaporizer unique. Everything from colored whips to aroma bulbs for hands free aromatherapy.  For more information check out our Vapor Brother accessories page.

The Vapor Doc herbal vaporizer

Vapor Doc Accessories

The Vapor Doc vaporizer has its own line of accessories tailor made for this compact little vaporizer. Hand blow glass whips and mouthpieces are just part of this little guy's lineup. Check out the Vapor Doc accessories page for more information.