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Vaporizer Models

We carry, what we belive to be the best herb vaporizers on the market today. We offer vaporizers in a variety of price ranges as well as a full line of accessories that complement them. Below you will find the herbal vaporizers that we carry.

The Vapor Doc herbal vaporizer

Vapor Doc Vaporizers

The Vapor Doc vaporizer is a lower cost alternative to the Vapor Brothers vaporizer. It does not have the same proprietary heating element of the Vapor Brothers, but for those of you more concerned with being able to leave the temperature knob at the same position, you should check it out on the Vapor Doc vaporizer page.

The original vapir digital herb vaporizer

Vapir Digital Vaporizer

 The Vapir digital herb vaporizer busted on to the scene in 2003 and made a name for itself in the herbal vaporizer market. The only vaporizer that we know of that uses microchip technology to control the temperature of the heating element digitally. "Set it and forget it" should be the motto of this vaporizer. Check out the Vapir vaporizer page for more information.

The original vapor brothers herb vaporizer

Vapor Brothers Vaporizers

The one that started it all, the Vapor Brothers vaporizer made in the USA. Small, compact design and an it is easy to use...what more can you ask for?  For more information check out our Vapor Brother vaporizers page.