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Vapor Doc Vaporizer

Vapordoc Vaporizer Vapor Doc Vaporizer

  • You pick your vapor draw size - Get only the vapor you want without unecessarily wasting your herbs. You control the amount of vapor you inhale with the intensity and duration of air you inhale.

  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty

  • Less waiting - Unit is hot and ready to deliver any size hit in minutes.

  • Set It Once - The on/off switch allows you to find your favorite position for the heat knob and set it and forget it. Always heat to your preferred temp.

    • Vaporizer
    • Glass hand piece and tubing
    • Free strirring tool

    Retail Price: $174.99
    Our Price: $149.99

    We no longer recommend the Vapordoc vaporizer and instead suggest you go with the original vaporbrothers box vaporizer instead.

    The Vapor Doc works just like the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer. However the Vapor Doc has an on/off switch which allows you to set the temperature knob to your favorite setting and leave it there between uses.

    This product is not intended for use with Tobacco or any illegal substance. Herbs like salvia should be used with caution.